“Fistfights With Wolves produces a musical sound that stirs the imagination with their lightly psychedelic, totally artistic, progressive rock.” - Kristy Walker, ListenSD

“… influences of expressionism, neo-folklore, post-modernism, and avant prog rock are organically intertwined… dynamic, emotional, and moving composition…” - Igor Gorely, Recyclable Sounds

“Smart, and truly very good.” - Rock Progressif, Sorties de l’Annee Courante

“Wow… that was beautiful.” - Not So Serious Radio

“… everything I’ve listened to by you guys is epic. There’s a lot of different themes and parts to it, not just your typical verse, chorus, bridge, outro… it’s more structured like a classical piece.” - Sunshine Sound Podcast 

“Fistfights With Wolves is THE best band".” - Jason York, Punk Rock Food Drive

“(They) take cues from prog rock, video games, and gypsy jams to dizzying and delightful ends.” - Chad Deal, The San Diego Reader


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